Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Barrister on a Budget Blog Turns One!

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It’s been one year of tips for pre-law and law students, current student loan news, and financial strategy planning!  In honor of Barrister on a Budget Blog’s one year birthday, I’m bringing back your top five favorite blog posts!

Number 5:  5 Websites Everyone Should Bookmark…Besides Mine:  Information is everywhere!  It’s really difficult to narrow down where to get reliable and concise reports to help you get your law school questions answered.  Keeping these websites handy will save you a ton of time.

Number 4:  Government Shutdowns and Debt Limits Impact on Student Loans:  The fall of 2013 was the season of shutdowns and many of you wanted to know what potential side effects the closure of the U.S. Government would have on your wallet other than stagnated employment, postponed wages, and stalled government processing.  Fortunately, only one government shutdown occurred and student hardship was limited.

Number 3:  The House Passes Student Loan Bill:  Last summer’s hot button issue was what to do with the impending student loan crisis.  Barrister on a Budget brought you updates on this highlighted bill that changed student loan rates.  But, this post was just the beginning – make sure you get the most current information about this legislation HERE.

Number 2:  8 Gifts for Law Students This Holiday Season:  Say goodbye to gavels, briefcases, and quirky novelty gifts.  This gift list offers affordable and practical options.  Don’t forget…graduation is just around the corner.  Pass this list on!

Number 1:  5 To Dos for Law Students This Winter Break:  This post was by far the most popular post.  You have very few breaks during the school year, and sometimes all you want to do is catch up with friends, tv shows, and sleep.  But, you were smart and made sure to use your time productively to better your chances of employment and lessen your student loan burden…way to go!

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