Wednesday, April 9, 2014

4 Ways to Make Tax Day Better

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April 15th aka Tax Day is quickly approaching.  Make sure you take advantage of these deals and discounts this year!
  1. Discounted Tax Filing Services – Whether you file on the computer yourself or take it to a service, there are discounts to be had.   Search the web for updated promo codes like these software deals and tax filing service codes.
  2. Deductions – Did you make a charitable donation or pay down student debt?  These are just a few of the deductions that are available.  Make sure you have the correct documentation, and file those deductions to help lower what you owe in taxes.
  3. Free Food and Discounts – Companies and restaurants reach out to tax payers by providing special deals and discounts.  Many of these offers are on April 15th, but look for those that last for the entire month of April or the week of April 15th.  Some places require you to print out coupons.  Check with your local vendor to see if they are participating in the deals.  Here is a list reporting this year’s bargains for restaurant freebies and discounts. 
  4. Tax Refund – If you do receive a refund this year, try to fight the urge to splurge. Instead, invest it, make a student loan payment, pay off credit cards, buy needed textbooks, or just save it.  Everyone is tight on cash.  Receiving a tax return check feels like you are receiving free money and you’ll feel like you can blow it on anything.  Remember, if you get a refund, it’s because you overpaid on taxes during the year – it’s not free money; it’s the money you worked hard to earn.

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