Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Legally-Themed Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Halloween is just a couple of days away.  Still need a costume and tight on cash?  Here are a few quick and easy Halloween costumes that are likely to meet your budget and be a hit at any law school Halloween party.

Solo Costume Ideas
  1. Lady Justice/Socratic Method: Got a bed sheet?  Great!  Turn it into a toga.  Become Lady Justice by adding a blindfold (or a sleep mask from the dollar store) and a string, attaching each end to small paper plates to create your Scales of Justice.  Or, become the Socratic Method by adding Socrates name tag.  Be particular about how your drinks are made or the way you eat something and say, “Hey, it’s my method.” 
  2. In-House Counsel: Become your own In-House Counsel by taking a large box and decorate it to look like a house. Create holes so you can wear the box.  Dress in a suit and hold a briefcase. 
  3. Miss Trial: Be the beauty at your party by becoming Miss Trial.  Fix up your hair and make-up, put on a dress or a fun ball gown from a local thrift store.  Create a sash that says “Trial” and wear a tiara from the dollar store. 
  4. eCard:  There are tons of law school eCards out there.  Take a bright colored poster board and write a quirky law school-related message.  Put the eCard logo on the bottom.  Dress like one of the caricatures and attach the poster board to your back.  Use this one for inspiration.

Couple Costume Ideas
  1. Assault and Battery:  This pun-inspired costume has become pretty popular, but if you’re out of time and cash, then it’s still fun!  One of you can decorate a poster board or box to look like a Morton’s salt container.  The other can decorate the poster board of box to look like a battery. 
  2. Any Court Case:  Slap on a pair of red mittens (or, if you have them, boxing gloves) and with a few extra props you can become a court case name.  For instance, International Shoe v. Washington – one person can dress up like George Washington. To pull off an international shoe, just tape a fake passport to your boot or cut a magazine picture of a shoe, pin it to your shirt and put on a beret. Another more elaborate example might be Roe v. Wade.  Check out this couple’s version.  Any case involving the United States would be pretty easy, with one person wearing a USA shirt or red, white and blue. 

Group Costume Ideas
  1. The Supreme Court:  Dig out your college graduation gowns (most are typically black), add a few accessories, and you and your friends can dress as the U.S. Supreme Court! No one can dissent to your clever group costume! 
  2. Swim with the Sharks:  One bold person wears their bathing suit, while the rest of the group wears suits, clasps briefcases, and throws on one of these inexpensive shark hats or wears a fin out of construction paper pinned to their back.

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