Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Pinteresting Budgeting Techniques

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Pinterest is the up-and-coming social media that allows users to share websites, pictures and information through a visual experience.  Food recipes, arts & crafts, exercise routines, and beauty tips are just a few of the categories that have endless possibilities.  So if you’re stumped on how to get your budgeting lifestyle in order, Pinterest has a wide variety of answers to help you get your fiscal life in peak condition.  Below are just a few of my picks that I found very Pinteresting.

  1. Free Printouts – If you’re not quite sure how a budget system works or even what it looks like, Pinterest has a ton of free printables to help you get started.  These fill-in-the-blank forms can assist you with setting up a budgeting structure that works for you.  Here are some easy approaches for beginners: Free Budgeting Worksheets and Free Printable Budget Worksheets.
  2. DIY Budget Organization – Now that you have the sheets, how are you going to keep it all organized?  Bright colors and fun prints, can help you keep your budget visible and on your mind.  Good organization will make it more easily accessible and less of an overwhelming chore.  Here are some Pinterest favorites: Budget Binders and Budget Boxes. 
  3. Niche Budgeting Tips – Do you have a particular area of your life that needs your budgeting attention?  Whether you are budgeting for a wedding, a baby, or grocery shopping, Pinterest points you in the right direction.  The following will help those of you in college: College Budgeting Tips for Incoming Freshmen and 5 Budgeting Tips for College. 
  4. Tricks of the Trade – Pinterest can even help those who already have structured budgets.  For instance, there are tips if you’re struggling to keep to your budget because of inconsistent paychecks or you’re not sure how to make coupons work for you. 
  5. Bloggers – There are so many blogs on the internet these days that it is easy to get overwhelmed.  However, some bloggers have started using Pinterest to help you find them, and pick and choose what articles might be best for you.  Follow boards, scan the pictures, and pin so you can read them now or later or over and over again.  Here is an example pin that lists popular budgeting bloggers.

However, when using Pinterest, like any other website, you must watch for scammers.  Make sure you do not offer any personal or banking information.  If someone says the best thing for your budget is to send your money to a prince in Nigeria, don’t do it; be smart.  Finally, you’ll want to make sure you budget your time on Pinterest.  Go onto the website with a specific agenda in mind or set a timer on your phone; otherwise, you could easily spend the day pinning away!
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