Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 Websites Every Pre-Law Student Should Bookmark…Besides Mine

Barrister on a Budget is the only blog (and book) that offers financial strategy, budgeting tips, and cost-saving measures related to law school.  If you continue to visit this website and the five recommended below, you will be in great shape for law school success.  Click on the title of the website to visit it directly.

1. This is the website for Federal Student Aid, but the specific page that should be bookmarked is the glossary.  Far too often students do not understand the financial obligations they are undertaking when signing for a loan (federal or private).  Keep the glossary open while you read the terms of the agreement and then decide whether you are willing to take on the responsibilities.
2.     The National Association for Law Placement:  The page most helpful to law students is the research page.  Here, you can review the statistics on job placement, salaries, industry trends, and other important aspects that pre-law students should research when deciding on a career in the law.  While there are some in the industry who find the reports controversial, these reports are a great starting point to help you in your research.
3.     Above the Law: This website offers articles on current events, tips, changes in the industry, and for general legal entertainment.  Above the Law provides information on the industry, but in a way that is fun to read and memorable.  Prospective law students can glean insight from a perspective closer to theirs rather than other stuffy, lecturing mediums.  Above the Law recently created its own law school rank list as an alternative to the sometimes controversial U.S. News & World Report rank list.
4.     The American Bar Association:  The ABA website is a one-stop shop for everything law.  There is a great page for pre-law students to explain admissions and what to expect and gain from law school as well as offers recommended reading, statistics, and information on student loans.
5.     The Fine Print Press:  The Fine Print Press publishes a wide assortment of law school guidebooks.  Any subject or sub-subject on attending law school can be found in one of their books.  Additionally, it provides an extensive book list – including books published elsewhere – for pre-law inquisitors. 

Happy web surfing!

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