Wednesday, October 1, 2014

7 FREE LSAT Resources to Boost Your Score

Are you preparing to take the LSAT?  Are you worried about what to study for or how best to prepare?  Sure you are!  It’s a major test and your score can affect what opportunities will be available to you and even how much you pay for law school!  Choosing from the abundant amount of prep courses or finding something that meets your budget can be burdensome…I mean do you really need more things to worry about?  So here are some study aids that can help your wallet or at least narrow down which prep course is right for you – all for free and all to help you ace the LSAT!

  1. One of my favorites is Steve Schwartz's LSAT Blog, which offers free video explanations for the Logic Games portion of the exam, free and low-cost guides for an effective self-study plan, and articles with free tips on how to take the LSAT successfully. 
  2. – where you go to register for the LSAT – offers sample questions with explanations, a full practice exam (one version in Spanish), and a couple test prep videos.  Visit HERE to access these freebies. 
  3. Sign up for Blueprint’s free account and you’ll be able to download, print, and score one LSAT practice exam (currently June 2007).  They also offer analytics on your performance and a video explanation to every question on the test. 
  4. Register (for Free) on Kaplan’s website for a fun and free “20-minute Workout.”  Answer LSAT-style questions, receive explanations, and even compete against your friends to see who’s ready for the exam. 
  5. PowerScore’s website provides tips for each portion of the exam as well as archived video lessons, study plans, and a practice exam.  Along the right column there are other interesting freebies such as a starter kit, a preview of their book, and the opportunity to attend a free seminar. 
  6. Princeton Review will help you find a free practice exam in your location and offers a free online practice exam, for which they will give you a performance report with personalized tips on how to improve your score. 
  7. LSAT Proctor Anywhere is a free smartphone app that has timers, test day instructions, and test room sound effects to help you simulate the test center.

Have you come across any free LSAT resources that are helping you prepare for the exam?  Make sure you pass them along in the comments!

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Gregor Renk said...

Wow, I am so pleased to have these free LSAT resources to boost my score in the upcoming exams. I found this post very helpful as I was in need of the LSAT Sample Questions for practices and this is exactly what you have shared here. Thank you so much.

Jenny Maxey said...

You’re welcome, Gregor! Best of luck to you on the LSAT!

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