Wednesday, March 12, 2014

8 Life Hacks for College Students

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As defined by Google, Life Hack is a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.  These following life hacks will help you to do all that plus potentially improve your grades and even help your budget! 

  1. Student Discounts – make sure you flash your student identification card every chance you can to get discounts on things such as computers, transportation, food, retail, movies, and Amazon purchases.
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   2. Get the Most from Google – Many people do not use Google to its full power.  Learn how to make your searches more accurately to get information.  Also, you can use to find relevant information more quickly.

   3. Save Money on Textbooks – Go to where they say you can save up to 90% on textbooks! Here are some other tips on saving money on your textbooks

4. Get More from Your Study Hours – Stimulate your visual memory by using colored markers/highlighters/pens when you create your notes to help your recall.  Record lectures and increase the speed by two on programs like Audacity to review them more quickly.  Plus, if you take better lecture notes, you’ll spend less time rereading your textbook.  Learn your learning style to see which methods will best help you achieve efficient studying.
   5. Repurpose Your Coffee Maker – instead of spending a ton of money and using up space you don’t have, learn the different uses that a coffee maker offers to make food.  Oatmeal, noodles, hotdogs, steamed vegetables – the world is your coffee maker!

6. Tune In – Listen to the Hans Zimmer channel on Pandora.  This music doesn’t have lyrics to distract you, and the music is written to inspire.

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    7. Improve Your Shared Wi-Fi Signal – Use an aluminum can to strengthen your signal by safely cutting it into a band that surrounds your router.
    8. Protect Yourself From Thieves – Purchase red pens and replace the red ink with blue or black ink refill cartridges – who wants to steal a red pen?  Keep your laptop safe with a laptop lock, and easily back up your work with Carbonite (just in case). 

      Got other great life hacks?  I’d love to hear them – tweet @JLMaxey with your #lifehack!

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