Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Maintain Sanity during Application Season

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My usual advice involves budgeting for financial planning, but budgeting is not for money alone.  You can also budget your time to keep from becoming stressed and overwhelmed with law school applications as well as your fall semester studies.
If you haven’t started planning already, then you really need to buckle down.  Two of the three LSAT test dates have expired for registration.  If you are planning to attend law school next fall, then you must register for the LSAT immediately as the December test date may already eliminate some options to where you apply.  To register for the LSAT, go to
Next, you should have a good idea of the schools you wish to apply to.  Make sure you have all the deadlines marked down and the documents required to apply.  If you meet deadlines early, your application fee may be waived.
Plot these deadlines and create your own deadlines.  Organize a calendar to block off time for LSAT preparation, essay outlining, and research for schools.  Add in a few activities or an internship to help improve your résumé. Using Google Calendar can be extremely helpful, especially for the visual types who like color coding.
Make sure you have gathered all of the necessary documents for your recommendation letters.  This packet should be well organized for your recommender to easily go through.  The easier you make it for them, the more time and better quality your recommendation will be.  Provide these packets to your recommenders early in the semester and give them a tentative deadline.  Do not pester them about it, but as finals approach and you haven’t received a response, give a gentle reminder.  Remember to take the time to thank them once the letter has been received.
Tackle each area of the application bit-by-bit and keep organized.  You will be able to get through the semester stress-free/reduced and meet deadlines by winter break.

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