Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Did I Do That? Mid-Semester Law School Review

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It’s mid-semester and you only have a few more weeks before finals.  Time for you to do a good self-review of where you stand on studying, preparation for finals, and anything else you may still need to check off your list.

1.      Outlining – Hopefully, you have been doing some sort of organization to prepare for your finals since the first week of classes whether it be an outline, flash cards, or another method that works for you.  If you haven’t, start using any free time to get caught up.  You do not want to spend time compiling your notes during the time you should be studying for finals.  You may have a beautiful outline, but you need to have time to memorize it back and forward.
2.      Reading – Are you having a tough time keeping up with the reading?  Look at how you are spending your time.  Are there ways that you can be more efficient?  Have you missed a reading? Move on and rely on your notes for that one.  You don’t have time to go back and read areas you may have missed.
3.      Supplements – Pick out areas that you seem to be struggling to grasp and spend extra time in those areas with your supplements.  You can ask upperclassmen to borrow used supplements, check the library for free copies, or look for eBooks that are cheaper than the print copy.  Supplements are great to have, but easily add up in price.
4.      Bar Prep – Have you locked in a Bar Prep course?  Whether the Bar is a few months away or 3 years, locking in a bar course will likely reduce the final cost, may allow you to receive discounts, and you may receive free commercial outlines for core classes and the MPRE.
5.      Old Tests – Have you found old exams for your classes?  Oftentimes, professors will have their old exams available online, through the library, or if you just ask.  This is one of the best ways to prepare for exams.  If you start these exams early, your professor may be willing to discuss any questions you have after class or during office hours.
6.      Scheduling – Have you picked out your courses for the next semester?  Make sure you review the required courses for graduation, the amount of credits needed, classes that would be helpful for the bar exam, and any prerequisites for a course to help design your next semester.  Design your schedule and include a few back-ups for popular courses so you are ready when it comes time to schedule.

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