Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 Free Smartphone Apps for Law Students

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     There’s an app for everything to help us get through each day.  Whether it’s Words with Friends, Instagram, Viggle or Fart Machine – if it’s been thought of, then it’s out there.  There are plenty of apps available for the pre-law and law student, even for new grads studying for the bar.  Below are 5 FREE apps that I recommend. Dictionary Law Guide:  Created by, this app defines every word from A Fortiori to Zoning and provides a quick reference to words you may get stuck on while reading cases. Not only is this app free, but you eliminate the need to purchase Black’s Dictionary or lug that heavy thing around if you download this app.  This app has a 4.5 star rating.

LSAT Proctor Anywhere:  Created by Kaplan, this app for pre-law students provides timers, instructions, and even test room sound effects (i.e. coughing, pencil scribbles, sneezing, and flipping pages) to help perfectly simulate the test center.  Use this while taking practice exams, and you’ll be in great shape come test day!  This app has a 4 star rating.

Law in a Flash:  Created by Aspen Publishers, this app is an electronic version of the popular flash card series, Law in a Flash.  While the app only will give you a sample of flash cards in each section (with some subjects having more samples than others), it’s a quick pop quiz when you don’t have much time.  There are several versions of this app (I looked at the 1L, 2L+3L, and law electives versions).  These apps are averaging around 3 stars.
Case Briefs: Created by The Factory Interactive, this app is a handy supplement to your textbook reading and studying.  The app offers student briefs, course outlines, and exam prep materials and, for the pre-law student, a comprehensive LSAT course and a Pre-law prep course.  The app also provides a list of food and night life deals in your area – Barrister on a Budget Bonus!  This app has a 4.5 star rating.

Critical Pass MBE Flashcards:  Created by Critical Pass, LLC, this app provides 10 free questions in each MBE subject for a total of 60 cards.  Whether you’re preparing for the bar or 1L exams, this app is a quick way to test your understanding during busy times.  You purchase the advanced app and have access to 300 flashcards.  This app has a 4 star rating. 

Barrister on a Budget Bonus!  

Pocket Expense Personal Finance – Account Tracker:  Created by Blue Tags, this app will help you keep on track with your budgeting plan.  You can monitor your accounts, keep a tab on bill amounts and due dates, and create a budget to monitor your spending.  Now there is no excuse for financial disorganization!  This app has a 4.5 star rating.

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