Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Applying to Law School Series: The Application Process is Easier Than Ever

Whether due to an advancement in technology or the need to increase application submissions, one thing is clear – the application process is becoming easier.
A free smartphone app (and website) called NextTier Education has vastly improved the application process for students.  NextTier is said to rely on gamification, which means it encourages the user to have fun and utilize the app often by making it seem like a game.  This particular app uses an interactive checklist, provides deadlines for school admission applications, and prioritizes an applicant’s steps to meet those deadlines.  While the program now includes almost every 4-year college program (with special searches for schools with pre-law programs), it has yet to expand to law schools.
However, law schools are also taking steps to streamline their application process.  For instance, The University of Alabama School of Law has two different ways to apply to the school and get admission response within 24 hours!  The first application process is called the UA Honors Admission Program for senior residents of Alabama in the school’s Honors college.  With this application an LSAT score is not required as long as the student has at least a 3.80 GPA and a an Act score of 27 or SAT score of 1220.  The second application is called the Alabama Scholars Admission Program which extends to the University of Alabama, Auburn University and Birmingham-Southern College students with GPAs of at least 3.80.  An LSAT and LSAC report are required for this application program. 
Additionally, many law schools are encouraging students to use their electronic application process by waiving application fees.  Take advantage of these opportunities to help cut your costs down, remembering that these fees can quickly add up and break your budget!

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