Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Barrister on a Budget Book Tour Recap

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It certainly has been a fun and busy several weeks!  But, if you’ve missed some of the tour, don’t worry! Below I’ve provided links to all of my gracious hosts.  Some of the book contests are still continuing, so be sure to click on those links to find out how you can win! 

Guest Post on LSAT Blog:  Choosing the Right Law School Location

Twitter Chat with College Financial Aid Advisors on #CollegeCash:  See the conversation!

Guest Post on Law School Toolbox:  Thinking Outside the Box to Find Employment

Guest Post on Legal Job Blog: Building a Legal Network on a Budget

Guest Post on The Girl’s Guide to Law School:  6 Tips for Applying for Bar Admission on a Budget

Book Giveaway and Bonus Podcast on How to Pay for College HQ: Contest and Podcast

Guest Post on Pen and Chisel:  Taking the LSAT on a Budget

Book Giveaway with Julie Schechter:  @Off_The_Charts_

Guest Post on POCSmom:  Planning a Budget for Grad School

Guest Post on How to WIN College Scholarships:  A Primer on Law School Scholarships

Guest Post on Social Assurity:  How to Use Social Media for Admission to Law School

Because next weekend is one of my favorite food holidays (THANKSGIVING!), there won’t be any new posts next week (11/26), however I will be re-running “Thanksgiving is NOT a break” on my website for tips on how you should spend the week to best prepare for finals.

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