Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 Free and Easy Ways to Find Scholarships

Roughly 80% of law students rely on loans to finance their education.  While it might be faster to fill out a FASFA or loan application form, paying the debt owed can take decades!  For a few minutes more and thousands of dollars less, you are likely to qualify for dozens of scholarships.  Here, are a few easy and free ways to find plenty of scholarships to pay for your education.
  1. Twitter.  Yes, believe it or not there are many ways to find out about scholarships on the social media giant.  Perform searches with the hashtag #Scholarships for instance to find companies and agencies offering financial assistance.  Follow leaders in student debt, financial aid, and scholarship conversations.  For instance, follow me at @JLMaxey for my Scholarship Alert tweets specifically geared toward law school scholarships. 
  2. Google Alerts.  Have the scholarship notifications come to you.  Set up a Google Alert with keywords to find out the latest information on scholarships.  You can make it as general or as specific as you’d like.  Additionally, you can have the alerts sent as quickly as any matches occur or rounded into a weekly batch.  Don’t know how to set up a Google Alert?  Find out HERE. 
  3. Scholarship Search Engines.  There are many scholarship search engines available on the web.  These websites help wade through the sea of scholarships available so you only view the ones for which you qualify, saving you tons of time!  Some great ones include Careeronestop,, bigfuture, and fastweb. Make sure to avoid any search engines who charge fees or ask for private information.
  4. Ed.Gov. This website offers information on scholarships and grants provided by each state, including some federally supported grants and scholarships.  Select the state in which you live to see what’s available. 
  5. University Website.  Visit the main page of your school’s main website or financial aid website for lists of school-sponsored scholarship information. 
Note:  Again, watch out for scams with some scholarship offers.  Be leery of anything requiring payment or private information.  

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