Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jump on the Law School Fast Track to Success

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Many of you just wrapped up your final finals as undergraduate students.  Those four years seemed to have flown by!  Imagine yourself as a freshman during the first week of classes – new campus, new living arrangements, new professors, an intense learning curve from your high school courses, figuring out your learning style.  Maybe it was a bit overwhelming.  Maybe after a few all-night cram sessions and loads of Red Bull, you finally got into your groove.  Now, college level courses seem easy, so much so, you may even laugh at the freshman-version of yourself.
As you prepare this summer to enter law school, you may find those nervous freshman feelings resurfacing.  You have a new campus, maybe new living arrangements, new professors, an intense learning curve (as law school is taught entirely different from undergraduate school), and have to develop a new learning style all over again.  Wouldn’t it be nice to skip over the trial and error, those all-night cram sessions (which don’t work in law school) and Red Bull binge jitters?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the confidence of a third year law student instead of that horrible nervous fluttering in your stomach throughout your first year?  Now, you can!
Derrick Hibbard, author of Law School Fast Track, provides first year law students with the knowledge, experience, and answers you need to get on, well, the fast track!  This book will set you up with good habits before and during the first week of law school – such as how long you should study, how to hone your outlining skills, how to brief a case, and much more!  Together with Barrister on a Budget, you will have your head and wallet in the exact order it needs to be to start your journey of law school success.
Use your summer wisely, and pick up Law School Fast Track in paperback or in eBook format at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold!

To learn more about Derrick Hibbard, his Fast Track Series, and other novels, visit his blog site.

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